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Explode Your Sales And Traffic By Reaching Your Targeted

You can make as much as $6.00 for each sale you bring in. That is a whopping 
$6.00 a month per sale for Distributors and $6.00 a month for Pro Members.
Note: This only applies to Pro Members paying the regular upgrade fees.
Special Promotions like Getting the First Month for $2.00 don't apply.

The best part of it is...

You will earn the $6.00
month after month as long as they stay as a Cash4USafelist Distributor or Pro Member.

  • Earn $6.00 per sale you make for a Distributor
  • Earn $6.00 per sale you make for a Pro Member
  • Reach all members in the category of your choice.
  • Reach Complete Database every 72 Hours.
  • Reach specific members who have shown an interest
    in your product, services, opportunity.
  • Easy one click mailer to post your ad
  • Track 10 links with our tracking software.
  • Place 5 links of your choice on top of your main site.
  • Place one rotating banner on top of the main page of
    the entire network.
  • Self replicating website
  • Can choose Digest Mode to receive from 15 to 20 emails in one email

Cash4USafelist Pro level currently priced at just $12.99 a month. Truly, it's a small price to pay for a tool that has a potential to increase your sales and profits instantly!

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