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Boost Your Traffic - Boost Your Sales With
Cash4uSafeList's Cash-Ad Package.

A 3 day campaign using our 'Cash-Ads' will expose your 5 line ad and website URL on top of 1,600,000+ emails (that's over a million and a half  exposures in just 3 days)

Dear advertiser,

Cash4uSafeList.com website generates over 2.5 million website visitors a year. A good percentage of these visitors sign-up to use our FREE safe list, which are constantly promoted every day to thousands upon thousands of Internet Marketers, Web Promoters, and willing-to-buy consumers.

There are approximately 300 Free Members sending their ad using our list every day. Each Free member is allowed to send to 500 randomly picked Cash4uSafeList members plus they can send to the entire database once a week. That's 535,000+ emails delivered each day!

We're now offering you the opportunity to get your message across on top of  1,600,000+  emails for a 3 day ad campaign. Each time a Free member sends or receives an ad YOUR 5 LINE advertisement will be sent directly to them for 3 days. 

Exposure has never been so easy!

NOTE: You can reserve a nearest available spot by placing an order now. 

Cash-Ads Package 3 Days
# Of emails 1,600,000+
Length 5 Lines
Cost $69.99
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